14. Dezember 2017


Alle Jahre wieder, publiziert der zuständige Weinkritiker für Spanien - LUIS GUTIERREZ - bei ROBERT PARKER - seine Highlights des Jahres.

Im 2017 beginnt LUIS GUTIERREZ an erster Stelle mit dem Topwein der DOMINIO DEL AGUILA (RIBERA DEL DUERO DO)  - CANTA LA PERDIZ 2013 - . Als herausragenster Wein des Jahres. Ein Bravo an die Adresse von JORGE MONZON!

Hier nun aber der Originalartikel von LUIS GUTTIEREZ:


"Yup! It’s that time of year again—it’s time to look back and see what has happened over the past 12 months. In 2017, I worked in Spain, Chile and Jura, but didn’t visit Argentina–at least not for tasting—which will come in 2018. These are my most outstanding new releases of the year from each of my countries, in no particular order.




Spain is so diverse that you’ll hardly ever see the same regions or vintages in my best-of-the-year. Some wines are released early, others quite late. The same year can be superb for one region and a disaster for others. Vintage generalizations are less and less important. We need to look at the details. Even within the same region, in a vintage like 2013 some will tell you it’s been a year to forget, while others would tell you they have produced their best wines ever. 


That could be the case of Ribera del Duero, where the Canta la Perdiz single-vineyard bottling from Dominio del Águila is the first commercial release from a south-facing old vineyard in the village of La Aguilera planted at two different times, one in the early 1900s, but the older vines must be 150 years old and are therefore ungrafted. As with all of these old vineyards, it has a mixture of grapes, always dominated by Tempranillo (close to 80% in this case), but with many other varieties, maybe 10-15% of Cariñena and then a little Bruñal, Bobal and Albillo. The south-facing vineyard exposure might work best in a cooler year like this 2013, but what's important and different here is the soil, with a type of limestone in layers (slate-like) easily penetrable by the roots, and the wines from there are not as austere as those from hard limestone rock. The wine is extremely elegant, perfumed and transparent, crystalline, precise and focused, refined and harmonious."


Canta la Perdiz from Dominio del Águila at La Aguilera, Ribera del Duero. (SOURCE: WINE ADVOCATE | LUIS GUTIERREZ - ROBERT PARKER).

Canta la Perdiz

Im Angebot unter DOMINIO del AGUILA bei www.spanienweinonline.ch oder im Laden und für die Gastronomie bei www.vinumworld.ch .