Suduiraut Château | 2001 75cl
Suduiraut Château | 2001 75cl

Chablis Grand Cru Bougros 'Côte de Bouqueyreaux' | Patrick Piuze | 2012 75cl

Weinhaus Patrick Piuze, Chablis, Frankreich
Weinregion FRANKREICH | Chablis AOC
Jahrgang 2012
Alkoholgehalt 12%
Inhalt in l 0.75
Allergene enthält Sulfite
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ROBERT PARKER 92-93 PunkteTRINKREIFE jetzt bis 2024TRAUBENGUTChardonnay | 12% vol.PRODUZENTPatrick Piuze, ChablisTERROIRKies und Kalk, Grand Cru Lager Bougros an einem Hand mit bis zu 45 Steigung. AUSBAUStahltankDEGUSATIONSNOTIZPatrick Piuze ist ein aufstrebender, junger Winzer, der dem Chablis wieder einiges an Noblesse verleiht. Ein wundervoller Chardonnay, wunderbare Frucht, Mineralität und sehr lang anhaltender Abgang. Nur gerade 1200 Flaschen werden hiervon jährlich abgefüllt. Eine Rarität!EMPFEHLUNGFischgerichte, Krustentiere, leichte Fleischspeisen, Käse und Schinkenplatten.SERVIERTEMPERATUR12 WINE ADVOCATE, David Schildknecht #208Aug 2013"Remarks Piuze of his 2012 Chablis Bougros Cote de Bouqueyreaux: “The clusters are always very tiny in this steep, windswept sector and the leaves often yellowing from stress, in contrast with Bougros from up on the plateau.” Lemon and lime brightness shadowed by pungent piquancy of pip and zest lend this palpably high-extract and for now quite firm-feeling cru a quickening as well as juicily-refreshing effect. A sense of chalk dust infusion suits its overall sense of compactness and density, and the finish here positively glows, not to mention invigorates in its evocation of citrus and nut oils, white peach and peach kernel. Look for continued high performance through at least 2024."Quebecer Patrick Piuze – a former cellarmaster for Brocard about whose inaugural 2008 vintage under his own name I enthused in issue 191 – has since then significantly expanded his range; further honed his already formidable skills; and acquired some superb new sources of fruit, making his one of the most exciting among France’s modern breed of micro-negociants not to mention among newcomers to Chablis during the past decade. Incidentally, like many of the aforementioned breed, Piuze sells his wines overwhelmingly (at last count, he says, 93%) abroad. He exercises considerable control over the viticultural regimen practiced by his dozen suppliers (three dominant) in the parcels for whose fruit he contracts, and continues to be a tireless experimenter and self-critic in matters of vinification. With 2011, he began utilizing a mechanical rather than bladder press for half of his wines, and in 2012 exclusively, citing his belief that this enhances dry extract and stability, though it requires much more time and someone standing by the press. Piuze adds that this approach also gains him some of the advantages in quality of juice associated with traditional Champagne presses, but that a vertical press such as used in that region is impractical for his large number of small lots and small team (with only two other full-time participants, his partner Sylvie Quittot and his father-in-law). Non-cru wines here are raised almost entirely in tank and crus in previously used barrel. “We picked beginning September 20 in 2012, and as fast as we could” Piuze notes, “because there was quite a lot of rain and it’s easier to pick with water on the grapes that I can dry-off than with water in the grapes.” Alcohols, unadjusted, registered from 11.8-12.3% (very close to the estate’s readings in 2011). “The point is not to pick early but ripe,” Piuze generalizes, “and to pick ripe but not overripe where you lose brightness and saliva inducement for the sake of fat.” Most of Piuze’s 2012s finished malo-lactic conversion by Christmas but alcoholic fermentation only in early spring. “I don’t do this on purpose, it just usually happens” he notes, adding “I don’t know why myself. But the levels of volatility come out all right, and anyway, I don’t like wines that have too little volatile acidity.” Despite what was already the certainty of a late 2013 harvest, Piuze planned to bottle his 2012 crus (excepting Les Clos) already in July, a testimony to economic considerations – “I’m already lucky enough (just) to be able to do what I do, that it’s not even a burden to bottle one stage earlier than I otherwise would” he notes with a grin – but also a policy that has stood his wines well in past vintages. So many sites I hadn’t anticipated were represented in the 2012 line-up that the time I had allotted for our tasting session did not permit opportunity to taste even one of Piuze’s 2011s (nor did my subsequent schedule), so I’ll plan to report next year on how at least some of his efforts from that vintage are faring."
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